Thank You For Sharing In My Passion!

Thank You For Sharing In My Passion!

Hello Dear Friends!

I am so excited to be writing my very first Blog Post! I have shared with you so much in just the one year in which Daisy Chain has been open. I've really felt as though this company has been an extension of myself, and to be able to include you in this story of my life (My Dream) has been truly wonderful!

You have been there... throughout my highs and lows, helped me celebrate in my victories and delighted right along side of me as I've followed my heart and worked to build this business into what it is today.

Now I know you might be thinking..OKAY Bailey, that's amazing! But I'm not quite sure me being here is that BIG of a deal.  But, I'm here to tell you IT IS!!! You being HERE has meant so very much. To me. 

Creating art has always been MY PASSION. In fact I see many things in life AS ART.  Food, Fashion, Beauty, Language, Dance, Athletics, Nature, Medicine, the way we Decorate our Personal Space, the way we Love each other.  It's all Art! Art is defined as "The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power."

Since becoming a stay at home Mama in 2017 I found myself often wondering..."where had MY PASSION gone?"  There were periods that I just couldn't SEE it, and worse that I could no longer FEEL it. To be quite frank with you, I had begun to feel as though I HAD LOST A BIT OF MYSELF...and I suppose we might all feel this way as Mother's, as parents. Having children doesn't come without great sacrifice of self. But, even KNOWING this didn't make me feel better. I missed this very vital part of my SOUL and I KNEW I needed to get it back. To again find solace and joy in creating ART.

What's something that brings you great peace and joy?...Is it gardening, cooking, making music, staying physically fit? There are so many things that can bring as feelings of JOY-EXCITMENT-FULLFILMENT-PRIDE-CONFIDENCE-PEACE. What I think is so beautiful is, that we all have our own unique THING that makes us FEEL THESE FEELS. And even if our "thing" happens to be the same as someone else, the way in which we do that thing will always be different.




It's been an absolute pleasure designing for some of you, and getting to know some of you in a very personal way through this business.  Your friendship is a treasure! So you see my Friend, you being here is a very BIG deal, to me.  Putting my Love and my Passion into...well WEARABLE ART, that hopefully will help you to feel lovely, beautiful, fierce, unique, special, happy...well that's a warm and welcome gift to me! Doing what I do with Daisy Chain has never once felt like WORK. It simply makes me feel alive!

You know that old saying...DO WHAT YOU LOVE, AND LOVE WHAT YOU DO.

You have helped accomplish just that! WITHOUT YOU, this company would not be what it is today, and that is the truth! You all have played a part in getting me here, this far. 

So...THANK YOU DEAR FRIENDS!!! Thank you for sharing in my passion!



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